Why should I choose SimpleSnax for my office?

SimpleSnax offers a turnkey B2B snack solution. With just a few clicks on our website, your office will receive a regular delivery of the highest quality healthy snacks. The process is simple, and will save your company time and money. This perk will show your team that you care about their well being.

Who is SimpleSnax for?

SimpleSnax was specifically designed to be an easy, healthy snack alternative in the office. SimpleSnax is for forward thinking companies that see value in health and well being, and are looking to be more efficient and more productive. Save time, save money, and fuel your team!

How does SimpleSnax select products for our crates and boxes?

Our team works tirelessly to find all types of healthy, natural snacks for your enjoyment. Our experts hand pick and select only the highest quality, best tasting and most unique snacks available. We research the companies, their products, and their stories. We pride ourselves on being the best, and dealing with the best natural snack companies.

Do I choose which snacks are in my crate or boxes?

Nope..leave the curating to us. We are constantly testing snacks and adding products that taste great and are free of junk. Our goal is simplicity and leaving you and your team free to get your work done while being surprised by a variety of great, healthy snacks.

What is the difference between a crate and a box

At SimpleSnax we offer two different products: The Crate and The Box. While they both are filled with healthy snacks, our Crate is designed to be placed in a common area in your office. This could be an office kitchen, a conference room, or a break room. The Box is designed for an individual. For example, each person in the office could receive their own box, or a specific department such as a sales team. Either option will bring world class healthy snacks to your team.

How do I decide what is the best snack plan for my office and work team?

SimpleSnax is a flexible snack solution for companies of all different sizes. You are in complete control of the number of snacks, frequency of delivery, and price. Choose if you would prefer that each individual receives a box of snacks, or if you would like crates of snacks for your common areas such as kitchen’s, break rooms and conference rooms. We recommend using our snack chart to determine the best fit for your office. (link to snack chart). If you are still unsure, have a member of our team contact you directly(Contact Us).

Can I send a SimpleSnax Box or Crate as a gift?

You bet you can! It’s simple, and it’s a great gift for your best business clients or colleagues. SimpleSnax will introduce a better way to snack to those that you care about. Boxes can be delivered directly to you or to your client’s office. Visit our gift page and get gifting! (GIFT NOW)

How does SimpleSnax give back?

Giving back is at the core of SimpleSnax. Our goal is to help the world become a healthier, happier place through incredible food, active lifestyles, and doing what’s right! We have teamed up with the organization Free Bikes 4 Kidz and we donate a portion of every sale to this organization. Learn more about FB4K here (Give Back)

How often will snacks rotate?

Snacks will regularly rotate in and out of SimpleSnax Boxes and Crates. Generally, every month, approximately half of the snacks will be either different snacks, or different flavors than you had the month before. If you choose a weekly or bi-weekly order, your snacks will still change approximately every month. Our goal is to keep it fresh and always add variety and excitement to the office!

When will our office receive our SimpleSnax shipment?

That depends on how often you have decided to receive the snacks…we offer delivery weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Shipping within the United States normally takes 3-5 business days.

Billing/Shipping Calandars
Can I track my SimpleSnax box before it gets delivered?

Yes you can. Once your box ships, you will receive an email with a tracking number so you can see where your goodies are and when they arrive.

Please note that WHENEVER A PRODUCT IS ORDERED, YOU ARE BILLED FOR YOUR FIRST SHIPMENT IMMEDIATELY. Following your first shipment, you will begin on the billing cycle that you have chosen (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). Reoccurring billing and shipments will continue on that schedule unless you cancel. You may cancel at anytime.

Billing and shipping cycles are as follows:
Weekly (4x/month): Billed every Monday, ships first four Wednesdays of each month
Bi-Weekly(2x/month): Billed every other Monday of the month, ships first and the third Wednesday of each month
Monthly(1x/month): Billed on the third Monday of each month, shipment on 2nd Wednesday of each month

***Keep in mind that shipping dates/days are listed. Shipping times are approximately 3-5 business days.

What forms of payment does SimpleSnax accept?

SimpleSnax accepts all major credit cards including: VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. If your office would prefer an invoice…we can do that too. To arrange invoicing, please contact [email protected]

What is your cancellation policy?

Your snack plan can be cancelled anytime prior to your next billing date. Because you are always billed in advance of your next shipment, any cancellation must take place at least one day prior to your billing date. For example, if the next bill date is Monday July 10th, you must cancel by Sunday July 9th in our system to avoid being billed. NO EXCEPTIONS, and NO REFUNDS FOR CANCELLATIONS THAT DO NOT MEET THIS CRITERIA. Thank you for understanding.

Do I have to make a long term commitment?

No commitment necessary. Your snacks will continue to arrive based on the frequency that you select. You can change or cancel your plan at any time. There are no contracts or long term commitments. Snacks on your terms.

Do I have to reorder each month?

No...Our goal is simplicity and efficiency. Once you have decided on the proper snack plan for your team you will continue to receive your snacks on an ongoing basis. If you need to change your plan in anyway or cancel at anytime, this can be done via our website.

Can I order additional Crates?

Yes! If you need additional Crates for your office, we can ship them to you for $40(shipping included). Please contact [email protected] and write CRATE in the subject line. Thanks!

How do I change my shipping address?

You can change your billing and/or shipping address by logging into your "my SimpleSnax" dashboard. Shipping address changes must be submitted by the 1st of the month so we have time to get your SimpleSnax boxes or crates sent to the proper address.

How do I contact SimpleSnax?

We would love to hear from you, and value your feedback! Please feel free to email us at [email protected]. We will respond to your emails within 24 hours. SimpleSnax is committed to providing great products and a simple customer service experience.

We would like our snack company to partner with SimpleSnax….is this possible?

Of course! We are constantly hunting for the next great snack! It must fall into one of the following categories: Organic, gluten-free, or non-GMO…if it does, please contact us at: [email protected]

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